What you need to know about World Skateboarding Day

For those who are not yet so familiar with Skateboarding and only see groups of young people skateboarding, it is time to start changing the focus with which we look at this sport a little.

Yes, Skateboarding is a sport that is also celebrated worldwide. Every July 21, wheel lovers celebrate World Skateboarding or Skate Day.

día mundial del Skateboarding

A day to celebrate sport

In 2004, the IASC or International Association of Skateboard Companies proposed an anniversary for Skateboarding. This with the aim of promoting the sport, as well as its fans around the world. A hobby that according to American Sport Data already has more than 40 million, that is, that is the number of people who skate and whom we call Skaters.

Which gives us an idea of how big the Skateboarding community is and why celebrating World Skateboarding Day is a well-deserved recognition that celebrating the sport.

How did Skateboarding originate?

Skate is a sports practice that does nothing more than increase the skater's adrenaline through pirouettes and practices on extreme occasions.

It was not until 1963 that Skateboarding originated in the United States of America. How did this happen? Well, it was the way in which two young men named Phil Edwards and Mickey Muñoz decided to bring the adrenaline of surfing on waves to earth. Conditioning a surfboard adapting the rudas to it on skates.

This practice achieved a great boom throughout the world, and especially in the United States. To such an extent that, during the current year, skateboarding had space within the Tokyo 2020-2021 Olympic Games, managing to even surpass the X Games of which they are the main attraction.

So much so that by 1976 it was in Florida where the first record-breaking skate park was built. All so that the fans had a place that offered them ramps and challenges that would make the skateboard a more extreme experience for the practice of this sport.

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Go Skateboarding Day

World Skateboarding Day is known by most as Go Skateboarding Day and is promoted by the International Association of Skateboard Companies. And it is thanks to these types of initiatives that sports fans have grown both in number of participants and in acceptance worldwide.

Today there are many people who start skateboarding as a sports discipline from an early age. And this is an achievement that can also be attributed to Go Skateboard Day, which has managed to unite all skaters in a global sports movement for at least one day.

What does the IASC look for with an anniversary for skateboarding?

On this day, the union of sports fans carries out endless sports activities that are related to Skateboarding.

Thus encouraging skaters around the world to continue practicing this sport and share their experience with their families during these activities during World Skateboarding Day. Which is excellent to generate more acceptance of the practice and more interest from people who had never taken Skateboarding as a high-level competitive sport.

But another very important reason to celebrate a World Skateboarding Day is to also celebrate a lifestyle. And to have a day where many people can share their favorite sport with someone who also loves to skate.

Skateboard Growth

In view of the origin of Skateboarding, it is important to also say that this sport also emerged as an escape from difficulties. And it is that in view of the ban on surfers practicing the sport on California beaches, the board arises and expectations grow.

From that first moment in the seventies until the construction of the first Skateparks in Florida, many things happened, but thanks to all of them, Skateboarding is now a competitive sport.

But despite the creation of skateboards and the advances in the first decades, there were many countries that did not officially consider skateboarding as a sport. Until the end of the 1990s, the X-Games were held for the first time.

Already with many editions of the X-Games, Skateboarding is one of the most popular and demanded practices by the youngest. Being a sport full of emotion and adrenaline.

The joy for the Skates community came along with the approval in 2016 of Skateboarding as an Olympic sport by the International Olympic Committee. And of course seeing this beautiful and demanding sport for the first time at the 2020-21 Tokyo Olympics, it is clear that the celebration of a world day of Skateboarding brought much to be thankful for Skates.

In conclusion, the practice of Skateboarding is constantly growing, to the point of occupying spaces where it previously had no presence and becoming more and more accepted.

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The Skateparks designed by Osso-Stake are characterized by having all the accessories and parts of the skate parks for all degrees of difficulty, from simple ramps and rails for beginners to bowls for those more advanced and experienced skaters.

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