¿Qué tipos de rampas hay en un Skatepark?

What types of ramps are there in a Skatepark?

In the skate rinks or Skatepark , there is a great diversity of modular systems of tracks and ramps, so you may wonder which are the most frequent, best known or even the best.

Therefore, below we will explain in detail what are the most common types of ramps on skate and parkour tracks. Since the set of hundreds of ramps allows designing and developing modules in the Skateparks that provide a strategic and innovative configuration to practice skate and parkour.

Likewise, it is important to mention that the best quality modular ramps are those made by Osso Skate, being the best in Europe. They are characterized by having high quality materials that are maintained over time and innovative and unmatched designs and configurations.

Skatepark Modules

As mentioned above, there is a wide variety of ramps available, however, the different ramps as a whole allow the development of Skatepark modules. Where the best skate parks are those that have the best and most impressive Skatepark modules.

¿Qué tipos de rampas hay en un Skatepark?

Therefore, below we present the ramps, mini ramps, rails and other modular elements that allow the Skatepark to be formed:

Straight girl ramp

It is the best known ramp in skateparks, where it is characterized by being a straight skateboarding ramp which tends to measure 1.22m x 0.30m x 0.92m, however, it can be much larger.

Double straight ramp

The double straight ramp is characterized by being much larger than the small straight ramp, where it has larger dimensions, approximately 3.60m x 1.90m x 2.45m.

Straight ramp in L

Another of the modifications or alterations that the straight ramp of the skate parks presents is the straight ramp in L. Its shape makes it more attractive and usable to develop new tricks and acrobatics. The measurements of this type of straight ramp are 4.90m x 1.95m x 4.90m, being larger than the rest of the straight ramps.

skate rails

Skate rails are the second most well-known and used ramp in all skate rinks, they are the essence of public skating. Where you can have measurements of approximately 3.00m x 0.30m x 0.25m.

mobile skateboarder

The mobile skater, also known as a curved skate ramp, stands out for having a tire system for a mobile system. Its average measurements are 3.65m x 1.95m x 3.65m, however, they can be configured for different sizes.

Curved girl ramp

Within the curved ramps there is a wide variety of ramps, such as the small curved ramp with measurements of 1.25m x 0.30m x 1.05m, which allow skaters to perform some specific tricks.

Triple curved ramp

Another of the variations of the curved ramps present in the skate parks is the triple curved ramp, being one of the largest with a total measurement of 3.65m x 1.95m x 3.65m.

In this way we invite you to design and develop your skate rink with the specialists in the market, with Osso Skate. Those who have the best ramps and mini ramps in all of Spain, where there are straight ramps, curves and even the emblematic bowls that everyone loves to perform tricks and aerial acrobatics.

skateboard track

Skateboard tracks are one of the most complete and integrated ramps present on skate tracks, where different techniques and tricks can be performed on it. It is one of the largest and most pronounced, reaching measurements of approximately 9.60m x 2.10m x 3.60m.

Reinforced banking

The reinforced bench is another of the emblematic ramps present in skate parks, where both beginners and experienced skaters enjoy performing tricks on it. Its size is not so pronounced, in general it has measures of 1.60m x 0.75m x 1.50m.

step to shimmer

Shimmering on a skateboard is one of the greatest pleasures of the Skatepark, which is why the shimmering step ramp is essential in all skate parks.

pyramid of obstacles

Last but not least, the pyramid of obstacles should be mentioned, in order to practice skateboarding in an integral way. Being the largest ramp in the entire modular system, reaching an approximate size of 5.60m x 0.89m x 3.65m.

What are the main obstacles that arise in the modular Skateparks?

The Skatepark modules beyond the ramps present a wide variety of obstacles in order to provide a better experience when doing skate and parkour.

These obstacles can be very diverse, however, the most used are quarter tubes, rail lines, half tubes, customized obstacles, among many others that allow generating creativity and interest on the part of the skater.

What material are the ramps and modules of a Skatepark made of?

The different modules, obstacles and ramps present in a skate rink are characterized by being manufactured under international safety standards, with the regulatory measures and the best materials to guarantee ample durability and reduce the percentage of injuries. or accidents.

In this way, the materials are characterized by presenting the following characteristics:

  • Special, electrostatic painting in order to provide anti-corrosive property.
  • Heavy-gauge steel frames to ensure long-lasting durability.
  • All its set of screws is characterized by being of high quality and made of stainless steel.
  • The elements and obstacles are made of polycarbonate, to guarantee resistance to high impact.
  • The profiles of all materials are round and square tubular of the PTR type.

Likewise, it is important to point out that the best materials on the market in the manufacture of skate tracks are those available and used by the company Osso Skate. Which is characterized by building and designing the best skate tracks in Europe, where they stand out from the majority for both high-quality materials and innovative and attractive designs.

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